Wall Leak Detection

Wall Leak Detection

Wall Leak Detection; Leaks aren’t always located at the source of a drip. Unnecessary repairs made to constructions are costing building owners substantially and this is common throughout the roofing and construction industry. Wind driven water ingress can be a serious problem but fortunately at RAM Consultancy and with a combined experience of over 4 decades, we are able to detect and provide suitable recommendations in a cost effective and timely environment. Coupled with this, RAM Engineers are equipped with state of the art technology further allowing the organisation to be at the fore front of any building leak investigation throughout the UK nationwide.

      • Our Technology can test; Brick Block / Cladding / Composite / Curtain Walls and Glazing
      • Roof management that keeps service charges within budget.
      • (DLI) Dynamic Leak Investigation Service that can test the entire building envelope
      • RAM’s service portfolio is structured in uncovering the source of any leak

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Wall Leak Detection

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