Thermographic Imaging Testing

Thermographic Imaging

RAM’s Thermographic Imaging (TI) can visually identify many surrounding roofing issues.

In RAM’s hands this system can non-invasively detect and identify hidden pockets of entrapped water, collapsed and degraded or missing insulation, defects in roofs, rooflights, curtain walling, cladding, windows and doors such as air leakage paths and inadequate seals. This quick, accurate and non-invasive nature of this testing method makes it highly appealing.

      • Non-Invasive Method
      • Analyses Insulation Thermal Performance
      • Identifies Air Leakage Pathways and Inadequate Seals
      • Visual Presentation

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Service Benefits

Thermal ImagingCompletely non-invasive or destructive testing method.

Expert Roof ConsultancyAnalyses and reports on insulation’s thermal performance

Roofing ConsultantsCan also identify air leakage pathways and inadequate seals.

Roof Leak TestingOffers a clear visual representation of entrapped moisture

Thermographic Imaging
Thermographic Imaging
Thermographic Imaging
Thermographic Imaging

Thermographic Imaging

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