Roofing Specialists

Roofing Specialists

Roofing Specialists

Identifying Roof Leaks and Defects with State of the Art Technology

RAM Consultancy has been identifying leaks and certifying new roofs since the late 1990s, and our dedicated team of roofing consultants can ensure any leaks are identified quickly, whilst we provide concise reports on the condition of our clients’ properties.

Our expert team test flat roofs, green roofs, metal roofs and tile roofs among others, and we can save new and existing clients up to 95% in cost with Vacuum Insulation and Screed Dewatering, compared to total roof refurbishments.

Our leak detection services for roofs include electronic detection, dynamic leak investigation, flood testing and rainfall simulation among others, and we use the most appropriate testing methods for commercial, residential and industrial properties.

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Roofing Specialists and Building Surveyors

Problems with roofs can be costly and disruptive, but RAM Consultancy can identify problems quickly, offering expert tailored advice on repairing any issues. Having tested a diverse range of flat roofs on airports, museums and supermarkets, our roofing specialists are experienced in finding pinhole leaks fast, whilst you’re always guaranteed non-invasive methods. Spray Bar and Controlled Pressure Testing confirms the water tightness of curtain walling and cladding systems and it is suitable for permanently sealed joints and open-jointed systems. Our high-end machinery allows us to test all flat roofing membranes as well as slate, metal sheeted roofs and green roofs among others. Every roofing membrane issue is unique, and we can carry out a range of surveys to find the cause of the problem and provide detailed, appropriate and factual advice.


Roof Specialists – Why Reroofing is not always necessary

RAM Consultancy has helped a diverse range of clients save up to 95% in costs compared to that of total roof refurbishment. There are many cases whereby roofs have a sprung leak and our Dynamic Leak Investigations can identify the water leak pathways to solve the fundamental issue. If you’re considering a complete roof replacement then speak to us first, because you may find that you do not need to strip large areas of the roofing structure to solve the problem. Rainwater Outlet Testing is often used in our leak investigations; we test the three potential weak points; the rainwater pipework, the connection to the spigot and the interface between the rainwater outlet and the waterproofing membrane. Our roofing specialists have provided competent consultancy services in a variety of building envelope situations, and no project is too large or small for our highly capable team.


A Roofing Specialist that Locates Leaks with Pinpoint Accuracy

We’ve tested complete building envelopes to detect various leaks, dampness and other defects, and our roofing specialists can provide you with a suitable recommendation in a cost effective and timely environment. You can learn more about our complete range of services by getting in touch with a member of our team today on 0844 335 1822. Alternatively, feel free to contact us via email at and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

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