Roofing Consultancy in Bedford

Roofing Consultancy in Bedford

Roofing Consultancy in Bedford

Ram Consultancy provide a range of Roofing Consultancy services to Bedford and surrounding areas. These services include the use of Electronic Leak Detection, Roof Moisture Mapping, Electrical Capacitance Testing and Dynamic Building Leak Investigations. We are a dedicated and experienced Roofing Consultancy and leak investigation organisation.

Since our foundation in the late 90’s, a wide variety of building owners, main contractors, roofing contractors and surveyors based in Bedford have used our Roofing Consultancy services to identify building leaks, certify new roofs, de-water areas of entrapped water, provide comprehensive roof condition surveys and make financial savings as a direct result.



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Nationwide Electronic Leak Detection

Roofing Consultancy in Bedford

Independent Roofing Consultancy in Bedford using non-destructive Electronic Leak Detection methods and integrity testing on new or existing flat roofs and other structural waterproofing membranes.

Roofing Consultancy; Project Management

Roofing Consultancy in Bedford

A building requires a number of financial investments – whether it be a home, business, property portfolio or a business park, our services has the flexibility to adapt to a variety of these situations.

Roofing Consultancy Programs

Roofing Consultancy in Bedford

RAM Roofing Consultancy can prolong the life of a building or it’s flat roof by offering a variety of RAM services including Electronic Leak Detection. Delay the day from expensive re-roofing with RAM’s Vacuum De-Watering service, extracting entrapped water.


Commercial Roofing Consultancy – Identifying Roof Leaks in Bedford

Our industry wide & proven testing methods help us detect small leaks efficiently, and we’re confident we can help you find a long-term solution to your roof leakage problem. Our specialist Roofing Consultancy operatives have an excellent understanding of all types of roofing membranes meaning we can deliver a completely tailored advice, and uncover any deficiencies quickly, whilst always providing a detailed report on our findings. We are the only flat roof specialist to merge together all testing methods, so we can also deliver a package that tests the entire building envelope if required and offer a comprehensive Roofing Consultancy package. No commercial or residential building is too large or small for our dedicated team, and we’ve carried out independent surveys on prestigious museums, large shopping centres and historic residential properties in Bedford amongst many other surrounding areas. To find out more about RAM and what we can do for you, call us today on 0844 335 1822 or send us a message online.

Roofing Consultancy in Bedford

World Class Roof Asset Management Consultancy...