Metal Roofs Leak Detection

'(DLI) Dynamic Leak Investigations can be utilised on Metal Sheeted Roofs...'

Metal Roof Leak Detection

Metal Roofs Leak Detection

RAM Consultancy’s Procedure

Unlike other Roofing Consultants, we have an extensive portfolio that caters for the needs for all roofing membranes including Profiled Metal roofs. Our (DLI) Dynamic Leak Investigation service is perfect for identifying the problematic area on your metal, fibrous cement and asbestos roof which places us in solving all building/roof leak investigations.

We are continually developing new procedures to meet with the demands of our clients and we only select the most cost effective and suitable method on a membrane or roofing system. RAM Consultancy can administer detailed, appropriate and factual advice backed up by over 40yrs+ experience within the roofing industry. With prestigious projects such as airports, football stadiums and shopping centres offers you that extra piece of mind that we are competent in a variety of building envelope situations.

With decades of experience within the roofing industry; manufacturing, quality control, R&D, troubleshooting and testing we are nationally recognised as having a world class consultancy and leak investigation service with the experience and knowledge surrounding all problematic building envelope leak investigations.

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