Leak Investigations

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Leak Investigation Services

Leak Investigations Service List
Leak Investigations -Electronic Leak Detection (ELD)

(ELD) Electronic Leak Detection

Electronic Leak Detection (ELD) is the building industries most widely recognised method for roof leak detection and waterproofing integrity assessment.

  • Flat Roofs
  • Quick and Efficient
  • Finds pinhole leaks in membrane
  • Operates on 99% of Flat Roofs

(DLI) Dyn. Leak Investigations

Dynamic Leak Investigations (DLI) uses a variety of RAM’s services, to provide an effective package to discover discover any building envelope leak pathways.

  • Includes localised ELD
  • Structured Sequential Test
  • Tests the Entire Building Envelope
  • Requires 2 Engineers
Leak Investigations - Flood Testing

(FT) Flood Testing

Flood Testing (FT) normally used in line with a Dynamic Leak Investigation (DLI) package. The test method is a means by which to prove water is not coming through the waterproofing.

  • Used in Conjunction with DLI
  • Confirms Waterproof Integrity
  • Soluble Dyes can be used
  • Flat Roofs
Leak Investigations - Rainfall Simulation (RS)

(RS) Rainfall Simulation

Rainfall simulation is an environmentally friendly intrusive test method. It is used before and after leak investigation and can also be used to confirm that a leak has been sealed correctly. 

  • Simulate Rainfall
  • Confirms Waterproofing
  • Used on Entire Building Envelope
  • Requires Water Supply
Leak Investigations - Rainwater Outlet Testing

(ROT) Rainwater Outlet Test

A rainwater outlet may become defective at any age. We utilise a three stage Rainwater Outlet Test where possible, isolating and testing the three potential weak points.

  • Used in Conjunction with DLI
  • Confirms Waterproof Integrity
  • Soluble Dyes can be used
  • Any Water Outlets

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