Green Roof Leak Detection

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Green Roof Leak Detection

Green Roof Leak Detection

Find them before you bury them…

It is vital that before you bury a new flat roof below an incredibly complicated and expensive green roof system, seek the peace of mind and assurance that the waterproofing integrity is sound using (ELD) Electronic Leak Detection. It is far more cost effective to rectify an exposed problem than it is to dig up your beautiful new green roof.

Green Roofs which include planting and lawns on top of the original roofing membrane is generally classed as being a more modern and growing environmental concept that the roofing industry holds. We understand that all greens roofs must have the waterproofing membrane tested by a method which we deem as compatible in order to discover and accurately locate the water entry pathway. Added on to this we can also offer our consultancy services in recommending and specifying which roofing membrane would be most suitable for your green roof has seen over the last couple of years. At RAM Consultancy because of our extensive service knowledge and our dynamic portfolio range we have been able to use our original service portfolio to match and create a suitable solution for your green roofing leak issues.

With decades of experience within the roofing industry; manufacturing, quality control, R&D, troubleshooting and testing we are nationally recognised as having a world class consultancy and leak investigation service with the experience and knowledge surrounding all problematic building envelope leak investigations.

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