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Building Maintenance Services

Building Maintenance Service List
Building Maintenance - Insulation/Screed DeWatering (DWV)

(DWV) Insulation/Screed DeWatering

Insulation/Screed Dewatering (DWV) offers a technically viable solution and cost saving alternative to roof replacement. Dewatering can be used on most roof constructions.

  • Extract Entrapped Water
  • Substantial Savings
  • Effective and Efficient Method
  • Operates on 99% of Flat Buildings
Building Maintenance - Electrical Capacitance Test

(ECT) Electrical Capacitance Test

Electrical Capacitance Test (ECT) is a highly efficient method of identifying and focusing those areas in need of attention and minimising works required.

  • Identifies Moisture Beneath Membrane
  • Preliminary Service to (DWV)
  • Identifies Areas for Concern
  • Accepted on Timber Build-ups
Building Maintenance - Thermographic Imaging

(TI) Thermographic Imaging Method

Thermographic Imaging (TI) can visually identify many surrounding roofing issues. In RAM’s hands this system can non-invasively detect Building Envelope concerns.

  • Non-Invasive Survey
  • Analyses Insulation Thermal Performance
  • Identifies Air Leakage Pathways
  • Visual Presentation
Building Maintenance - Endoscope Surveying (ES)

(ES) Endoscope Surveying

Endoscope Surveying (ES) can be undertaken by drilling a small hole in the building fabric. It involves inserting an endoscope to view inside the construction and identify defects. 

  • Visual Identification
  • Wall Cavity Inspections
  • Used on Entire Building Envelope
  • Highly Qualified RAM Engineer
Building Maintenance - UltraSound Testing

(US) UltraSound Testing

Ultrasound testing can be useful in detecting air or water leakage pathways that exist in the fabric of a building. For example, if window seals are continuous they will not allow ultrasound to be transmitted through them.

  • Detect Air Leakage Paths
  • Detect Water Leakage Paths
  • Fully Test Building Fabric
  • Built Within (DLI)

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